“those got to look with eyes of soul, who wants to became a true artist,

as the heart and soul are true camera lenses”

Karsh Yousuf

Our life is a chain of events, and the general aim of a photographer is to help You to remember the best! After all a good photo - one of the best ways to display all the stages of our life.

In our days, with fluent technology developments, not only expensive equipment defines photographer level - after all it not always a guarantee of a bright, remembered photo. My moto – got to be born as photographer, not to became!

For your convenience I devided my works on main sections:


Nature: sometimes, during the walk or traveling by car, a beauty in nature appears suddenly – forest paths, panoramas, rural rivers. Got to take a picture, to save it in memories.

City: the city drawn in snow in cold light of morning of January 1th. The city full of colors, variety, peoples and emotions. The city of summer: warm and sunny. The city unstudied and sometimes strange.
Portrait: faces, moods, emotions, the inner beauty Genre: un-categorized shots, sometimes they understoodable, sometimes – they are full of secrets
Wedding: bright moments, that camera can ever catch. Happy faces, full of light and sun. And surely, ocean of love, smiles and joy... Reportage: concerts, exibitions, presentations, sport competitions, perfomances and holidays

Drawings: graphical ideas created by Photoshop and Illustrator

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